This game is quite early in development, there will be bugs.


A simple 2D roguelike, Hack and Slash Platformer game where you play as a dog... Defeat enemies and gain power by using your (dog-like?) abilities: Biting, Barking and Dashing. As you progress through waves the enemies get stronger, but don't worry, as various items spawn to fuel your limitless dog-power.


The controls are simple:

A & D | Moves left and right
Space | Jumps and double jumps
Q | Bark ability (this can be changed to Mouse1 in settings)
W | Dash in the direction you're moving
E | Bark ability
1 | Use item


Current version of the game: v7

1st June 2020


• UI | New UI for settings menu, options, leaderboards and game stats.

• Ability HUD | Now shows cooldown in seconds.

• Death screen | Cleaned up death screen a little, removed leaderboards and now shows items from match.

• Incoming damage | Can now see incoming damage (damage done to you). Works similarly to how enemy damage indicator works.

• Low health indicator | Low health screen now shows at 1/3 health instead of 1/2.

• Shop GUI | You can now interact with and click items in shop GUI.


• Forest map | I redesigned the forest map and added detail to it. Added: flasks, blackboards, blood, fire, floating islands, debri, more trees, mysterious objects / entities.

• New enemies | Forest enemy, Ohmni. Forest boss, All Seeing Eye. Ruins enemy, Deer Statue. Ruins boss, Artemis.

• New map | Ruins.


• Difficulty | Nerfed some enemy's difficulty incrementation.

• Leaderboards | Each map has it's own leaderboards now. Can now reset score and view score online.

• Tutorial | Now has a proper ending.


Here are a few things i have planned for the future of this game. if you have any suggestion dont hesitate to let me know :)

• Story mode | Various levels, bosses and mini bosses, fun quests and characters

• New maps | Different themed maps for the endless mode; Jungle, Forest, Hell

• Music & Sound | Game music and ambient sounds that match the environment around you

• More enemies | There are currently 3 types of enemies, this is not diverse enough!

• Cosmetics | A way for the player to unlock cosmetics as rewards for certain actions; different trails, dog skins

Become the dog-god you always wanted to be and play ihbad!


game version: v6

30th September 2021


• UI | Completely changed the way items look within the UI menu. You can now see total stacks, as well as item information. Handy.

• Low health indicator | Your screen will now become red as you lose health below 50% and get closer to death.

• New projectile FX | Enemies now have new effects when their projectile is destroyed. It looks pretty cool now.


• Health item | The health item has changed a little, it now restores 0.5hp per 0.5 seconds instead of 1hp every 1 second.

• Lifesteal item | The lifesteal has been revamped. Instead of instantly getting back health, orbs now spawn on every bite and make their way towards the player, you are only healed on collision.

• Increased difficulty | Enemies will begin to grow stronger past round 7. Their movement speed, attack speed, attack range, and damage will all gradually improve.

• Dashing/Dodging | You can now dash through orange projectiles!


• New barks | I forced my dog to bark and recorded it, so every in-game bark is a real-life bark.

• New music | DNDY strikes again with his talent and has provided ihbad with amazing music! Dungeon, Customise, Tutorial and the new Forest map all have new tracks. Check them out!

• Customization and rewards | You can now work towards unlocking rewards for your dog! There are multiple varities of unlocks so you can work your way towards the top.

• Total/Record stats | Within the customization level (aka "Playground") you can see your total stats for your entire game progress, cool right?

• Parkour | Also within the customization level, there is a small mini-game, test your movement skills and complete the trial.

• New map | A new map has been added to the game! Its called "Forest". This map has a mysteriously abandoned lab in the middle of the woods, What were they doing here? Weird.

• New mini-boss | The mini-boss sprite will change. I'm just too lazy to make a new one. It's called "Charged Alpha Phoenix", it is overflowing with electrical energy. Contact with its charged projectiles will slow the player for a few seconds. The projectiles charge remains static after contact, and will only disappear with time or with a powerful bark!

game version: v5

17th July 2020


• UI | Fixed the leaderboards looking weird in different resolutions.

• Items | Some items have a new look.


• Bark | The bark ability has increased in range a little.

• Enemy waves | The blue bird will spawn more frequently at and past round 7.


• New enemy | New spider enemy. The spider is very fast, the bone item will help evade them. They do little but quick melee damage, so dont stand still for too long. They have very little health. They'll begin spawning from round 7.

• Goblin shop | After completing the golin's quests he will open up shop. Each item initally costs 25$ouls, but will increase by 5 after each purchase. It's called tax :(
($ouls are obtained per enemy kill)

• Goblin cinematic bars | there was a lil bug where the bars stay after leaving his area. This has been dealt with B).

game version: v4

15th July 2020


• UI | Cleaned up the options menu a little.

• Bark FX | The dog's bark effect has been changed a little.

• Visual FX | Added some post-processing to the game, makes the game pop out a lot more (very visually appealing imo). You can turn this off in settings..


• Gameplay changes | I've made multiple small gameplay changes to make the game a lot easier and smoother to play. These changes are:

- The player moves a little slower, easier to control/less buttery.
- The players jump is higher, allows you to reach new heights.
- Players Bite attack has increased in range a little.
- Players Bark attack does a little more damage.
- You now start with 2 extra jumps instead of 1.
- Enemies are slower.
- Enemies shoot at a slightly further distance.
- Enemies projectiles are slower.
- Enemies firerate is slower.


• Music | I've finally added music to the game! You can now jam out to some game music while endlessly fighting birds (this has added quite a bit of replayability for me imo ;) ) . Can we all thank DNDY for providing IHBAD with great music

game version: v3

9th June 2020


• UI | Moved around some elements to make the UI looks cleaner and more organised.


• Leaderboards | I have now added a leaderboard system to the game. Your highscores will be added and saved to a online database. Compete against others for the top position!

game version: v2

30th March 2020


• UI | great changes have been made! Everything is a lot smaller and cleaner. The entire UI has been now moved to the bottom left of the screen, leaving less distraction for the player ;).

• Bite ability | The bite ability now matches the style of the game (8-bit / pixelated look).

• Items | All items now have icons that accurately represent them. A sparkly effect has also been added to make them pop a little.

• NPC Goblin | new cool cinematic effect when you approach Stinky Goblin.

• Combat log | A log has been added to the game, it displays live events such as item spawns, round changes and item statistics.


• Bite ability | The bite ability is now only decreased by 0.05s (instead of 0.1s) and has a minimum cooldown of 0.2s (instead of 0.1s).

• Dash ability | Does a little more damage.


• New map | The map has gone through a drastic change. It is now a lot larger and has multiple height levels. The player has a lot more space to play around with! ;)

• Quests | The NPC, Stinky Goblin, now offers the player with quests to complete and rewards items. The quests are as follows:
- 1st quest, reach level 10.
- 2nd quest, reach level 15.
- 3rd quest, obtain 3 or more jumps.
- 4th quest, complete the round. He will continue to reward the player for doing this.

• Bone item | The first active item has been added to the game! This item is obtained by eating a bone found in the bottom-right corner of the map. When used, the player gets a speed and jump power buff for 5 seconds (30s cooldown).Press the '1' key to use the item.

• Dash cooldown | Item added to reduce the cooldown of the dash ability.

• Controls | You can now change the bite button from Q to Mouse1 (Left click).

game version: v1

31st August 2019


• Blood FX | Blood can now collide with the ground and player so killing enemies feels more satisfying and rewarding ;)

• Jump FX | A jump effect has been added for when the player jumps, this makes jumping feel more jumpier.

• Damage indicator | You can now see the amount of damage you do whenever you hurt an enemy using any ability.

• XP indicator | Similarly, you can now see the amount of XP you get whenever you kill an enemy using any ability.

• Battle log | Text to indicate whenever a new round starts, a new item spawns and what the item picked up does.

• Dungeon level | The default map has changed into "dungeon", new tiles were made to support this look and feel.

• Death screen | A death screen displaying your final stats now shows after dying.


• Game rounds | Enemies now spawn in rounds. As the rounds get higher, more enemies will spawn per round and their spawn-rate will increase.

• Enemy damage and health | Both enemies' damage scales on your player level. The higher your level is, the more damage and health they will have.

• Power item | The power item now gives +5 power instead of +1.


• Game sound | Sound was finally added to the game. You can now hear your player bark, bite, dash, hurt enemies, kill enemies and more.