its hard being a dog

its hard being a dog / ihbad

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This game is quite early in development, there will be bugs.


A simple 2D, roguelike, Hack and Slash game where you play as a dog... Defeat enemies and gain power by using your (dog-like?) abilities: Biting, Barking and Dashing. As you progress through waves the enemies get stronger, but don't worry, as various items spawn to fuel your limitless dog-power.

how to play

the controls are quite simple:

A and D to move left and right
SPACE to jump or double jump
Q to use bite ability
W to dash in the direction youre moving
E to use bark ability
1 to use item


view the online leaderboards table that track player's kills, level and xp! Players are assigned to the leaderboards using their discord username, they are then ranked based on their match's final stats. Each map has it's own seperate table.

current build | v8

23rd september, 2021

✦ visual and ui
Souls UIadded $ouls amount to UI.
Dash iconchanged the look of the dash ability icon.
Tooltipsitems and cosmetics have a new improved look within the inventory menu.
Cosmeticsyou can now customise your dog with various hat cosmetic items!
Death screenthe death screen looks a little different.
☀ maps and enemies
New mapnew "Void" map. a desolate dimension, void of life and light. aimless and lifeless, creatures wander around for eternity.
New enemy"wanderers" are common enemies of the void, they're tall, dark and handsome. when close, they will drain life out of you, healing themselves.
New boss"cerberus" is the new boss of the void map. he has 3 forms, the lower health he gets, the harder it'll become to fight him.
New bossanother new boss, "arachne" is the boss of the dungeon. it shoots webs at you, sticking you to the walls, then pounces, dealing huge chunks of damage.
⋈ balance
Difficultiesfinally added difficulty options to the game! you can now play on easy, normal or hard.
Artemis changed the way artemis attacks, now changes position after every shot.
changed the way damage is done to artemis, full dmg can only be done at its core (center).
Dashyou can now dash through more projectiles.
Healthleveling up now only gives you +5hp.
⟳ other
New itemNew health item, increases maximum health by 20.
IHBADCnew game currency, rewarded based on match stats. used to buy cosmetics and pets.
Petsadded pets to the game! pets can buff the player or change some gameplay elements.
ControlsYou can now changed controls to your liking! (except move left and right(cause unity problems idk))
Projectilesprojectiles now have sound! it was about time tbh.
Ruins altarThe altar in ruins now stops charging after you leave its vicinity.
▶ update video

future plans

here are a few things i have planned for the future of this game. if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to let me know :)

• Story mode | Various levels, bosses and mini bosses, fun quests and characters.

• New maps | Different themed maps for the endless mode; Void, City, Lab.

• Music & Sound | Game music and ambient sounds that match the environment around you.

• More enemies | There currently arent enough types of enemies, we need diversity!

• Cosmetics | A way for the player to unlock cosmetics as rewards; different trails, hats, dog skins etc.

older builds