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this game is no longer focused on so it's been a while since any update has been published.


a parody of a certain OS out in the market right now. This game is intended as a joke, it is in no way an emulation of an actual operating OS. Explore your simulated computer and discover tons of easter eggs and achievements.

whats new!

here is a small list of features that is new to W10S (that WXPS doesn't have).

discord intergration

discord rich presence allows PC players to show off their in-game activity, such as total errors produced, current scene and BSOD status.

custom errors

a highly requested feature for the previous Win XP Simulator, the ability to customise errors! this feature allows players to completely customise the errors that appear in the simulation, it makes for a fun way to prank some friends or make a couple memes.


achievements can now be unlocked by completing various tasks throughout the simulation. It's up to you to discover how to unlock them.

current update

the current update of the game: 6

released: sunday, 7th march, 2021

✦ whats new
Added the ability to see achievement progress
Added the ability to reset achievement progress
Added 14 new windows 10 error icons
Added the ability to delete memes, just drag them over the recycle bin
Added a branching error "free minecraft"
Added Microsoft Edge, can be used to download viruses, similar to ie in wxps
Added 000.exe
Added you are an idiot
Added two new achievements: free
minecraft, Microsoft Edge
Added some more memes
Removed 11 thonk error icons
Removed etika meme out of respect :(
~ Pressing the power button now takes you to a shutdown screen instead of BSOD
~ Windows start menu now has an animation
~ Shortened BSOD screen time, and BSOD now doesnt go over 100%
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struggling to unlock all achievements? having difficulties discovering all the hidden easter eggs? well, use this guide to end all your pain and suffering.

encounter a total of 50 errors.
problematic v2
encounter a total of 100 errors.
encounter your first blue screen of death!
super speed!
set error speed to 0.
super slow!
set error speed above 15.
activate windows by typing in the activation code '110102' in settings (start menu , settings).
activate the barrybones1 easter egg by typing in the activation code 'barrybones'.
activate the MALGOW easter egg by typing in the activation code 'malgow'.
create your very own error by going into settings and editing the top-middle error window.
what is reality?
enter the matrix by activating windows, entering the Recycle Bin on desktop and selecting 'Matrix.exe'.
force quitting simulation.exe
successfully complete the matrix test.exe. (order of answers: 1. I ACCEPT, 2. SIMULATION, 3. A.I, 4. THREE DIMENSIONAL, 5. RED, 6. CREATOR).
musical faces
activate the hidden musical faces easter egg by clicking the windows profile icon, within the start menu, 10 times.
activate the illuminati easter egg by clicking specific areas of the 'windows' logo on the desktop wallpaper. There are 4 hidden buttons, click them all to activate. (areas to click (image))
aaldd the moderator
activate the aaldd easter egg by typing in the activation code 'aaldd'.
local idiot spams @everyone
activate the Discord easter egg by typing in the activation code 'discord'.
spooky time
activate the halloween easter egg and get spooky by typing in the activation code 'halloween' and selecting spooky.exe in the Recycle Bin.
activate the viruses and applications from Win XP Simulator by typing in the activation code 'wxps'.
select BonziBuddy.exe on desktop after activating the 'nostalgia' easter egg.
select Clippy.exe on desktop after activating the 'nostalgia' easter egg.
select WannaCry.exe on desktop after activating the 'nostalgia' easter egg.
open the fresh memes folder found on the desktop.
error snake
activate the error snake easter egg by typing in the activation code 'glitch'. press the start menu to exit.
free minecraft
activate the minecraft easter egg by typing in the activation code 'minecraft'. Then answering the branch error in the following order: 1. no ty, 2. sorry, 3. [cry], 4. [cry x2]
microsoft edge
just open Microsoft Edge by going into start menu and clicking "Microsoft Edge", or click it from the toolbar.
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