a bot that will always be there for you when you need them most, a bot that looks out for you, a bot that appraises you, a bot that takes care of your mental health, a bot that loves you. Your newest best-friend! (un)politeBot :)

...or, with the switch of a button, your greatest enemy. A bot that degrades(???) you, a bot that mocks you, a bot that constantly prays on your downfall, a bot that reminds you of your biggest flaws. Your greatest enemy.

how to use (browser extension)

the 1st button, "refresh", allows the user to manually retrieve a new unpolite/polite quote. the 2nd button, ":)" / ":(", indcates which mode the bot is in. ":)" meaning it's polite mode, and ":(" meaning its unpolite mode.

by default, the bot will automatically display a new quote every time it is open. this can be turned off by toggling the "refresh on close" option within the settings menu ( "..." button at the bottom right ).


these projects (the browser extension, the instagram filter, and the app) were all made as a sort of challenge for myself. i've always been curious as to how these things were made, so i decided to give them a try myself. i kept the scope very small and simple, but threw in something new to learn, which was accessing data from a server using SQL.

after initially finishing the extension, i was satisfied, and even fell in love with the little pink fella, so i decided to branch the idea out a little and create alternate versions of it. hence why i continued the challenege, creating an instagram filter (using Spark AR Studios), and a mobile app (using React Native).