It's Hard Being A Dog

it's hard being a dog / ihbad

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This game is quite early in development, there will be bugs.


A simple 2D, roguelike, Hack and Slash game where you play as a dog... Defeat enemies and gain power by using your (dog-like?) abilities: Biting, Barking and Dashing. As you progress through waves the enemies get stronger, but don't worry, as various items spawn to fuel your limitless dog-power.

how to play

the controls are quite simple:

A and D to move left and right
SPACE to jump or double jump
Q to use bite ability
W to dash in the direction youre moving
E to use bark ability
1 to use item


view the online leaderboards table that track player's kills, level and xp! Players are assigned to the leaderboards using their discord username, they are then ranked based on their match's final stats. Each map has it's own seperate table.

current build | v1

19th april, 2022

✦ visual and ui
HUDmade some ability icons more visible.
Dungeon visuals improved the look of the dungeon map.
☀ maps and enemies
New map added new map, LIBRARY.
New enemy added a new enemy, PRINTERBOT. a mechanical enemy made by WOGLAM, they are equipped with the company's latest technology that allows them to print organic creatures at will.
New boss added a new boss, DOGOD.
⋈ balance
Pets improved pet system
Artemis nerf you can now damage artemis with all abilities, not only bark. all abilities but the bark do significantly less damage.
⟳ other
Story added story mode and an ending!
Achievements added multiple steam achievements.
Difficulty added a new hidden difficulty (complete story mode to unlock).
Cosmetics completely reimagined the cosmetic system. you now buy specific cosmetics types from specific merchants.
Discord RP improved discord rich presence status.
Steam RP added steam rich presence.
Controllers implemented controller support!!!
Stats added more stat counters to customise level.
⍨ bugs
Arachne's web fixed a bug where the player would get stuck in arachnes web after killing it, and wouldnt be able to dash out.
Tiles fixed bumpyness of tiles ( i think ??? ).
▶ updated announcement trailer

future plans

here are a few things i have planned for the future of this game. if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to let me know :)

• finishing story mode | story mode is about 90% complete. the final boss needs some polishing and i'd like to add some more lore / dialogue throughout the playthrough.

• full controller support | there is controller support, but, sometimes the menu can be a little weird to navigate. i want to polish this.

• music & sound fx | i would like to add boss music to every boss and matching sound effects, to help make the bosses feel a little more fleshed out.

• achievements | there are only 4 achievements at the moment, i will be adding loads more soon!

• balances | still figuring out the best balances for each difficulty and how difficulty increases as rounds increase.

• story mode leaderboards | separate leaderboards for storymode showing time and difficulty.

older builds