university projects

all projects below are from my second year of university.
(just the game related coursework/modules)


professional game development module

database driven app development module

3D graphics programming and AI module

programmed from scratch

programmed from template

unity workshop 1


available from: 11th october, 2021
submitted: 21th october, 2021
grade: 100% | 100/100

This was our first assessment of the year, and thankfully, with my prior unity knowledge, it was quite straight forward to complete, only taking me a full day of focused effort to finish. Our task was to complete an unfinished / broken unity game and implement 2 of our own new gameplay mechanics or features. the two features i implemented were the ability to slow down time once, and randomly generated levels.

no video yet

ai project


available from: 5th november, 2021
submitted: 15th november, 2021
grade: 61% | 61/100

This entire project was a headache for me. i struggled at wrapping my head around how to use the AI concepts in a way that accurately fit my project idea and requirements. it took hours upon hours of trial and error to finally develop decent enough product. even with the final result, im a little disappointed. the stress was not worth the final outcome.

Our task was to use AI concepts that we had learnt in class in our own project ideas. So, for my project i used the line of sight, object avoidance, and state machine AI concepts to try and create a demonstration of AI bots playing hide and seek. My main problem was getting every hider bot to work as a seeker bot once caught, the code would always run perfectly when it was the first (default) seeker bot, but it would begin to get buggy once other hider bots became seekers. i'm glad this project is over, but im upset that i couldn't do any better :(.


unity workshop 2


available from: 7th december, 2021
submitted: 10th december, 2021
grade: 100% | 100/100

Another incomplete unity project/game for us to fix and complete. The project was a small zombie game where the player has to avoid zombies while collecting all the hidden keys required to leave the room, winning the game. We were given the task to implement our own unique gameplay mechanic or feature again. The feature i chose to implement was an additional minigame where the player has to approach a computer and type in the secret password (password hint is written in blood infront of the computer). a successful password attempt results in spawning one of the required hidden keys to complete the game.

no video yet

unity project


available from: 4th october, 2021
submitted: 26th january, 2022
grade: ?% | ?/100 (not yet graded)

I absoluted loved this coursework, i genuinely have never had so much fun working on and completing an assignment until this one, it was the only thing that kept me going.

Our task was just to create a 3d game using unity, we were free to make the game about anything we wanted and be as creative as we wanted, loved that about this assignment. my idea was inspired by a project i made in my 1st year of uni, it was a 2d game called "DELIVERYBOT", made for the "game science" module. i essentially took this idea, and improved up it to develop it into a 3d 3rd person game. the concept of a robot delivering packages within a time frame and avoiding enemies and obstacles is all still there, just now within a 3d environment, and it worked perfectly. i named the game "B-B0 The DeliveryBot".

I am so proud of what i have done for this assingment. i'm excited to take this game and idea further, as i said with the game science game too.


download soon ??? maybe