B-B0 The DeliveryBot

b-b0 the deliverybot / btdb

(not available to download yet)

This game was developed as part of a solo university games development assignment!


this is a 3D puzzle-like game, you play as a deliveryBot whos sole purpose is to delivery packages for a delivery company. the player must find and collect a package and get it from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles. these obstacles prove to be quite a challenge for the player, as holding the package greatly reduces mobility (movement speed and jump height). this forces the player to choose between mobility, for escape and reach, or defence, using the package as a weapon against enemies.

how to play

WASD for directional movement
SPACE to jump or double jump
Q/M1 to throw package
E/M2 to drop package
HOLD Q/M1 for a charged throw

current build | v1 (update 19)

23rd september, 2021

as this game isn't publicly available, i won't be noting any build changes yet.

future plans

i want to take this game further than what i could do within the time given for my university assignment. i'd like to spend time to develop and polish this project into a full game! once i have time to work on this again, this is what i'd like to see:

• Bosses | I'd like to develop some sort of boss fight / level. i think the game mechanics could translate quite well for one!

• Different sized packages | Some could be bigger and heavier, some could be lighter and smaller. maybe some could be irregularly shaped, like extremely long.

• Package skins | Different skins to add a bit of variation to the game. some skin could be like a subtle mock/parody of other (real) delivery companies.

• Game modes | Different game modes, like a sandbox mode.

• More difficulty options | easier and harder difficulty options for players to choose from, for usability.

older builds