ZW is a 3D zombie-shooter game that will leave you truly feeling like a John Wick. Set in a zombie-infested world, fight tooth and nail to save your life and his loyal companion – your dog! Arm up, unleash your inner WICK, and embark on a wild, undead-blasting adventure.


This game, created using Unity Engine, is a group project for a University assignment at Kingston. I am one of two programmers on this project, responsible for the player controller. I mainly worked on scripts that manage how the player moves, shoots, and interacts with the world around them.

dev logs ;

post apocalyptic device, zombies, & optimization

week of : 25th december, 2023

Improved the post apocalyptic device mentioned in the previous entries, adding a lot more functionality to it. You can now use the device as a means of upgrading yourself. It will display all your current upgraded and upgradable stats, the player can then pick and choose what to upgrade, and with enough points, their chosen stat will be upgraded. This device now also acts as a pause menu, allowing the player to restart, quit, or go to main menu.

Added a 2 new zombies to the game, Introducing a new layer of challenge to the player. These zomvies only spawn later on into the game once the player has gotten used to controls and gameplay. The two new zombies are a slow tanky enemies with loads of health, and a fast skinny zombies with little health. These new zombies also came accompanied with custom models, created by our team's artist, Vinay.

The game was running a little slow on mobile, and would build with a massive file size, so optmizing the assets used i was able to increase performance and reduce the build file size greatly.

Finally, I added some mobile ads to the game, so if it ever takes off, the team and I will be appropriately rewarded :)

post apocalyptic device

week of : 11th december, 2023

Didn't work too much on the project this week, just improved the interactive post-apolocalyptic device mentioned in the previous entry.

gameplay improvements & game FEEL

week of : 4th december, 2023

Added a world-space HUD to show how much damage you're dealing to enemies, this also shows how many points you get rewarded for the kill. Added sound effects when bullet hits a zombie. Improved the UI a little, adding a new "Objectives" element/system. This system gives the player objectives to complete, like "kill 25 zombies" and it gets ticked off as the player fulfills them. Finally beefed up the game by adding ;
- bullet trail particle FX
- better gun particle spark/flare FX when shooting
- trail to blood splat particle FX
- ragdolls when a zombie, or player dies
- a world-space pause menu that takes shape as an in-game post-apolocalyptic device

feeback & improvements

week of : 27th november, 2023

Improved the look of the game, adding custom models to the zombies, made by our team's artist, Vinay, changing the map over to the one made by another team member, Dom, And finally, adding death animations to the zombies.

We also made adjustments to difficulty based on playest feedback, these adjustments were ;
- making zombies slower
- making start with less health
- making zombies deal less damage
- increasing lighting (making it easier to see)
- making the player start with points to clear debris

zombie spawning, navmesh, & prototype

week of : 6th november, 2023

Added a system that manages the spawning & distibution of zombies. Zombies will begin slowly spawning in a set designated area, this area expands once the player unlocks additional areas. This system required me to fiddle with the navmesh (what the zombie A.I uses to navigate around the map) a little to get it fully working. Finally we released a protoype build of the game and released it on the Google Play Store.

upgrades system, & mobile joystick controls

week of : 23rd october, 2023

Improved the upgrades system from the previous week. Added a touch input system, using joysticks, to control the player. I split this system on two sides of the device, the left side controls the player's movement while the right side controls where the player is shooting. These joysticks will only appear once the player is actually touching the device, this clears up screen space to be better see what's happening in-game.

healthbar, upgrades, & particles

week of : 16th october, 2023

Improved the additional healthbar element to the player controller from last week. Added an upgrades system, allowing the player to pick and choose what stat they'd like upgraded, like movement speed or bullet damage. Also added some particle effects to the collisions of bullets; a blood splat when colliding with a zombie, and a dust cloud when colliding with a wall.


week of : 9th october, 2023

Didn't get up to much this week, just started work on improving the player controller, adding a health bar element to it, alongside a visual HUD.

player, polishes, & visual styling

week of : 2nd october, 2023

Began polishing and improving some elements added in from the previous week, such as the weapon system, and the unlocking new areas system. Then changed the blank default player model we were using into the John Wick inspired model, created by our team member "Vinay". Finally changed our projected from BiRP to URP, allowing me to improve the visual style of the game by adding better lighting, post processing, and a sky box.

game fundamentals + tie

week of : 28th september, 2023

This week i began work on the basics of the game, and most importantly, the player's tie physics. I wanted to add some wacky elements into the game like unpredictable tie physics (having it move and wave about everywhere as the player runs around), so incorporating just that sounded like a good start.

The basics of the game consisted of creating ;
- the player controller
- player animations
- foundational enemy script (handles zombie health, and damage given & taken)
- the weapon system
- sound and particle effects
- unlocking new areas system
- game UI