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This game is no longer worked on, it's final update has been published.


(One of my very first projects developed in Unity, c#!)
Feel as if you're using a Windows XP computer with this realistic simulator! This game is intended as a joke, it is in no way an emulation of an actual operating OS.

how to play / guide

This game can be a little confusing for new players to understand, so, below is a little guide on discovering the hidden easter eggs within wxps!

opening internet explorer

1. click on the start menu
2. click on "internet explorer"
3. wait 18 seconds, do not close the start menu as you wait
4. the browser will have opened, ready to install apps

removing popups/viruses

1. set the error speed to -1
1. install and launch the "anti-virus" software from internet explorer
2. wait 30 seconds for the application to complete the removal process
3. the software will now display "viruses successfully removed"

using downloaded software

1. the downloaded software will appear on your desktop after installing from internet explorer
2. click on your desired one
3. their gimmick will then play out, each one is unique

win 10 easter egg

1. open up the start menu and click on the profile icon 10 times
2. an event will then play out with a laughing skull
3. win 10 will then attempt to install, bringing you to the win 10 simulator store page

error glitch easter egg

1. click on the bottom right corner of the screen (toolbar, where the time is)
2. a new scene will load, this is the error glitch scene. it allows you to drag a infinitely duplicating window
3. to exit, click the start menu


1. go to options
2. navigate right on the "Style" window until the text says "MEMZ"
3. back out of options then start a simulation
4. a "MEMZ.exe" application will appear in the top right of your desktop
5. click it and the memz virus will begin to take affect

current update

the current update of the game: 17; final update

released: tuesday, 16th february, 2021

This will be the last and final update for Windows XP Simulator. Before we part ways, I would like to say a few words.

From the very first update in 2017, to the final one, today, in 2021. You have all been a part of this journey, part of the unexpected growth of WXPS. It's been a blast reading reviews, everyone has their own experiences, stories to tell and reasons to play. It's been an honour. Till the next project! gbye :)

✦ whats new
Added MEMZ
Added draggable errors
Added customisable error delay
Added combo errors
~ Bug fixes
▶ update video

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